Durgamoyee Academy

A Lump of clay may be ignored but can it be put aside when beautifully shaped by a skilled potter. What is the use of a piece of iron unless transformed into steel. Similarly life becomes futile if not kindled with education. The noble idea that education, not merely learning from books and material achievement, should be construed as an avenue to all round development of the pupils was nurtured by late Krishna Chandra Biswas and his wife late Durgamoyee Biswas, two respected vanguards of ours. To make their dream of extending the horizon of meaningful education comes true as well as to honour the long cherished desire of eminent academics and to reciprocate the demand of the guardians Durgamoyee Academy starts its journey with the goal of endowing the future citizens with education in the truest sense.

Office Timings

Office Hours :- (Monday – Friday) School Hours
07.00a.m. – 05.00p.m. (All Saturdays including summer & winter vacation.)
Visiting Hours :-
First one hour after starting of the school.
Please pay all the dues of the running session within 15th February of the year.