Management Body

Mr.Nandadulal Biswas (Rector Sir | National Teacher)

Without proper Education Nation can't developed. A neighborhood can't be eco-friendly, a family can't be well appreciated in the society...
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Management Body

Mr.Sandipan Banerjee (Principal)

Aristotle once said that, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all". Hence it has been...
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Management Body

Mr.Prasanna Kumar Chaubey (Vice Principal)

Best teaching happens when we forget to Teach Curriculum and Only remember to teach children.
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I.C.S.E & I.S.C [NEW DELHI] Affiliated School (Code - WB-402)
Admission to Durgamoyee Academy
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General faq
  • 1. Is this school is co-ed. School?

    Ans. – Yes

  • 2. Is extra curricular activities are conducted in the school?

    Ans. – Yes.

  • 3. Is the school conducting any educational tour?

    Ans. – Yes

  • Testimonial
    • the best part of our childhood teachers are always there to help us they are like our parents to us i have never seen god but i have seen my…
      Rishabh Pratap Singh
    • Durgamoyee Academy is the best school one can ever be a part of. The best teachers,the best ambience and over all,the child learns discipline to the core. speaking English within…
      Sneha Sneha
    • Best school with best teachers u could ever imagine.. A place where you will not only learn your lessons but its a place which will teach you all the morals…
      Dolly Gupta
    • This school helps students to be smarter.Regular excellent study methods help them to attend the school regularly.In the competition days we want external examiners to take the competition.It will much…
      Bidisha Gangopadhyay
    Latest News
    March 31, 2021
    Students those who will face any problem in their online classes are hereby informed to contact the following phone numbers…
    Tips to School Children
    • Don’t waste time.
    • Don’t over eat before study
    • Don’t offend God
    • Avoid bad companions as poisonous snakes
    • Choose some studious boy as a friend
    • When it is time to play get in there and play
    • Don’t daydream ! keep your mind on your books
    • Above all, pray !
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